A Sneak Peek at Fat Tire Flyer – Chapter 13: The Ritchey Mountainbike

Please enjoy this free chapter of Fat Tire Flyer (pdf)! If you like it, perhaps you’d like the whole book even more.

Also pick up issue # 180 of Dirt Rag for the story of how Charlie Kelly met Gary Fisher.











Fat Tire Flyer by Charlie KellyFat Tire Flyer is the unbelievable story of the invention of mountain biking, as told by the people who were there: Charlie Kelly, Joe Breeze, Tom Ritchey, Gary Fisher, and many more of the Repack crew. We’ll offer sneak peeks at the book here on fattireflyer.com, but we hope you’ll order the book today from your local bike shop, bookstore, or from these online retailers.

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